48 hours to Viva takeoff!

Shooting Miss Angie Alamilla last year


Ok, so I have to be honest with you. I am scared.

I leave Thursday morning around 10am to head to Vegas for Viva.
I am booked SOLID. Like, probably doing more than I should.

I know it’s going to be crazy and once I get there and get going it’s gonna all feel perfect, but for now I am so anxious it’s silly. I do this a lot with events or big photo shoots. I get scared and worried and then the moment I start working it melts off in seconds. I just know it will be fine once I’m there and working. And I know it’s going to be over in the blink of an eye, so I want to make sure to enjoy it.

Luckily, I am going to have the most badass assistant ever with me! Miss Mandie Bee (of Heart of Haute!) is going to be helping me out and be a great drinking buddy!

If you are going to be there, I plan to hangout at Frankie’s Tiki Room Sunday night if you wanna join me!

Stephanie Posey at Antique Sugar

I had so much fun two weekends ago shooting the gorgeous Miss Stephanie at Antique Sugar downtown!
If you live in Phoenix or visit, I highly suggest checking out this amazing vintage clothing store.
Not only is the clothing amazing, the ladies that run the store are the biggest sweethearts you might ever meet!

Model: Stephanie Posey
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Dresses: Pinup Girl Clothing and Heart of Haute

 photo stephanie6logo_zps254bdf6b.jpg

 photo stephanie13logo_zps20e26d72.jpg

 photo stephanie58logo_zpse742e424.jpg

 photo stephanie65logo_zpsde88e124.jpg

 photo stephanie88logo_zps60d27f6c.jpg

 photo stephanie99logo_zps1f5ccf34.jpg

 photo stephanie108logo_zpsa926447c.jpg

 photo stephanie145logo_zpsabd9d8a8.jpg

 photo stephanie180logo_zps61ee0267.jpg

 photo stephanie201logo_zpsebe362be.jpg

Valerie Farlow!

I had so much fun shooting with Valerie!
She did the Jungle Bettie shoot and also did a super cute french maid outfit as well!
She was way too amazing and I had a great time with her and I get to shoot her again this weekend!

MUAH: Stevie Rosalie

 photo valerie3logo_zpsbc9d3ca0.jpg

 photo valerie17logo_zpsb773b9f7.jpg

 photo valerie27logo_zpsfe15b71c.jpg

 photo valerie55logo_zps665a2598.jpg

 photo valerie68logo_zpscfd0412b.jpg

 photo valerie74logo_zps5a823e8d.jpg

 photo valerie89logo_zps6f82c620.jpg

 photo valerie120logo_zpsb67070d5.jpg

 photo valerie165logo_zpse2095006.jpg

 photo valerie187logo_zps716f28c6.jpg

 photo valerie211logo_zps3e3b03e0.jpg

 photo valerie228logo_zps65120d35.jpg

Jennifer Lucas

Jennifer has such a cute idea to do a more elegant, sophisticated cat shoot instead of it being extra “cutesty”.
I hadn’t ever done a pinup cat shoot and I love how it turned out! And she also took part of the Jungle Bettie theme shoot that day!

Model: Jennifer Lucas
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie

 photo jen9logo_zps6a1378ca.jpg

 photo jen33logo_zpsbbfbda33.jpg

 photo jen49logo_zps7f9df0b5.jpg

 photo jen81logo_zps8119e0f9.jpg

 photo jen84logo_zps280fb7f6.jpg

 photo jen86logo_zpsc88614b8.jpg

 photo jen103logo_zpsdfe9b3c8.jpg

 photo jen130logo_zps3314af5a.jpg

 photo jen138logo_zps58a331c3.jpg

 photo jen147logo_zpsa8e06fc4.jpg

 photo jen160logo_zpsad85a8be.jpg

 photo jen178logo_zpsdb5332e6.jpg

love and appreciate every body

two shoot composite re edit

I am a VERY big believer that every single woman on this planet is beautiful.
Big, small, short, tall, fat, skinny, chubby, twiggy, plump, thin… you name it, it’s beautiful!

I saw a similar image to this one a while ago (like six months ago) and I shot four girls in the same style.
I didn’t like that the image had words across the girls faces and the saying was different (not as clever as mine!).
Recently I shot four more girls and made this composite from two separate shoots..
Can you tell these 8 girls weren’t all actually standing together? Hahaha.
I had so much fun with both of these shoots and I am so proud of this final image.

Bethany Shehorn on a train car!

When me and Bethany were emailing about this shoot, she said she wanted to do something different…
She loves doing pinup but felt like switching it up a bit- *ding ding*- exactly how I was feeling!
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pinup (duh!) but it’s so nice to do something different once in a while.

So when we got to the train tracks to shoot, there was a train car… just… sitting…. there… EEEEEP!
We were both so excited and even though we had some guys come by two or three times in a truck to see what we were doing, it was so much fun!
And I am so excited about the awesome photos we got!

Model, hair and makeup is Bethany Shehorn!

 photo bethany232logo_zps9011939d.jpg

 photo bethany307logo_zpsdbd50db3.jpg

 photo bethany324logo_zps44ab5a11.jpg

 photo bethany329logo_zps4159b92f.jpg

 photo bethany399logo_zps0888c4fa.jpg

 photo bethany420logo_zps9ad7e971.jpg

Grease Slingers March 1st

I was so lucky to shoot at Grease Slingers again!
We had so much fun last time, and already have another day booked in April!
I hope to make it a monthly event! <3

All girls MUAH by Stevie Rosalie!

 photo susan57logo_zps2cca7818.jpg

 photo susan60logo_zps6ac95c59.jpg

 photo susan91logo_zpse55434c0.jpg

 photo crystal30logo_zps18435322.jpg

 photo crystal209logo_zps6957fafe.jpg

 photo crystal251logo_zps6133a997.jpg

 photo april40logo_zpsa9c275c9.jpg

 photo april67logo_zps4eb05964.jpg

 photo april84logo_zps4c5a65b1.jpg

 photo april114logo_zps17a70a5e.jpg

 photo aliscia80logo_zps00812abc.jpg

 photo aliscia248logo_zps603a80fa.jpg

 photo aliscia264logo_zps1aa79334.jpg

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