Polish DeVille Mermaid Shoot

Sultry Sonora Mermaid Shoot

I am the luckiest lady!


A few months after we started dating, my amazing partner, Mike, encouraged me to start doing photography again.

After being very frustrated at the lack of help my photography degree provided for my career, I hadn’t done very much shooting in about a year or so. Mike saw that I was passionate about it and told me that I should keep going. And he hasn’t stopped telling me that. He’s told me to keep going so many times, I don’t even know what I would do without him. He was the reason I quit my day job and started pursuing photography full time. He’s the one who comes up with all “my” best ideas. He’s the one who makes me feel better when business is slow and when a shoot doesn’t go as planned. He’s my sounding board and my best friend.

The photo above is from one of the first times he was around for a shoot and I asked him to step in so I could test the light. This is his awesome pose.

Jessika Mermaid

Pinup Pajama Party!

Beer for Breakfast

I love these shots of Ruby Revolver!
We were hoping to get published, but it didn’t happen unfortunately.

Model & MUAH: Ruby Revolver

I love them all, I don’t know which one is my favorite!

 photo beerforbreakfast113logo_zpsaf0f7c3f.jpg

 photo beerforbreakfast081logo_zps9aa04c88.jpg

 photo beerforbreakfast051logo_zpsc826c7d6.jpg

 photo beerforbreakfast045logo_zpsafbca377.jpg

 photo beerforbreakfast018logo_zps029855e0.jpg

Halloween Shoot now booking!

Lawson & Marie Wedding

I was so lucky to shoot the wedding of Lawson and Marie back in November of last year.
Lawson is an old friend from when I went local shows when I was a youngin!
And Marie was the most gorgeous bride and the sweetest lady ever!

 photo marieamplawson19_zpsed11db82.jpg

 photo marieamplawson73_zpsc86f0f1b.jpg

 photo marieamplawson114_zpsa771de91.jpg

 photo marieamplawson143_zps94734700.jpg

 photo marieamplawson179_zpsbd04672c.jpg

 photo marieamplawson201_zpsc38291b9.jpg

 photo marieamplawson558_zps06bcd3e6.jpg

 photo marieamplawson900_zpsdd1be8fc.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1151_zpscd6c5b6c.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1267_zps51cc4fbb.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1378_zpsba6da128.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1386_zps506b21da.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1573_zpsfff92399.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1668_zps2344252e.jpg

New Headshots by Violet Black!

I had so much fun the other day shooting with Violet!
She did my hair, my makeup and took the photos as well!

It was hard enough to narrow down to eight, now I don’t now which to pick as my main one for all my websites!

 photo tara07_zpsabb87c97.jpeg

 photo tara06_zps86442932.jpeg

 photo tara08_zpsfce0d6d2.jpeg

 photo tara02_zps953c1221.jpeg

 photo tara03_zps20cf25a0.jpeg

 photo tara01_zpsb241800a.jpeg

 photo tara04_zpsc80bddd7.jpeg

 photo tara05_zps36cebd06.jpeg

Violet Black Sleepover


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