Announcing Sailor Girl Shoot!


Danielle and Matt Circus Wedding Engagement Photos

Brandy aka Dani Delectable

Taryn Ashley and a big pretty tree!

Model and MUAH: Taryn Ashley

We shot this set back in January and unfortunately never got them published so we decided to publish them now!

 photo taryn7logo_zps6ae7e724.jpg

 photo taryn18logo_zpsbe8e6db6.jpg

 photo taryn105logo_zps476035f3.jpg

 photo taryn117logo_zps960b0e2b.jpg

 photo taryn126logo_zps19ae9b9e.jpg

 photo taryn139logo_zps35980ca9.jpg

 photo taryn142logo_zps33424f8d.jpg

 photo taryn177logo_zps20ffac32.jpg

 photo taryn185logo_zpsea71a7ab.jpg

Lyle and Maxi Millions Film Noir in Downtown Phoenix

Models: Lyle and Maxi Millions

I had so much fun shooting these in downtown Phoenix.
It’s always refreshing to do something just a little different and mix it up.
When Maxi came to me with this idea I was all about it.
I sent theses images to several magazines with no luck and so now I am sharing them with everyone! Enjoy!

 photo filmnoir04logo_zps6949d6cc.jpg
 photo filmnoir08logo_zps04230444.jpg
 photo filmnoir09logo_zps9d170366.jpg
 photo filmnoir10logo_zps350cc2cc.jpg

Mermaid Pinup Photo Shoot!

Violet and Stevie in Cinched Tight

Violet Black in Violaceous Latex!

Viva Las Vegas 2014 Way Late Recap


I had sooooo much fun at Viva, it’s kind of insane. It was a total whirlwind and went by in the blink of an eye…
I have yet to share any photos here, only because there is so many and I don’t know what to share.
So I decided to share just a small few and direct you to my facebook page to check out the whole album (even more being added as I edit!)






And she’s off… to camp!

tara square


Soooo, after lots of thinking and stressing and texting friends for advice and maybe a smidge of crying, I made a really difficult decision.

I am taking a two month hiatus from my business!

From June 1st to August 10th, I am going to be working for an awesome company called iD Tech that does technology summer camps for kids on college universities.

This means I will have limited availability through the rest of May and then won’t be booking until early August. I WILL still be answering emails and doing some work during that time, but I won’t be available for photo shoots.

…And it’s freaking me out!


I mean, I don’t want to make my clients unhappy or make them wait on me. So this is a big deal.

But my summer time is usually slow, and I am so excited to work with such an awesome company.

I love working with kids (I grew up wanting to be a teacher) and I am really excited to be spending time back at ASU.

I am even spending nights there during the week (and will be home on the weekends) which is crazy because I never even lived on campus when I attended school.


Now, the scariest part is this- I am a backup if a camp director is needed elsewhere.

For now, I am an assistant director, meaning I help the director run the camp¬† in Tempe, BUT if there’s a reason another camp needs a director, I would go and be the camp director, and run the camp. Which is crazy since I’ve never worked with this company before. But it’s crazy awesome that they think I could do that, I must have impressed the heck outta them in my interview!

So basically, they could call me today and say “You are going to Austin for two months tomorrow, pack up!”

Scary right?

I mean, I am already nervous being away from Mike and the puppies during the week and only seeing them weekends, but having to leave for the whole summer?  Well, that would suck.

But I think it’s going to teach us a lot about how lucky we are to have our family (yes, me and Mike and the dogs are a family!) and show us how to communicate better since we will be apart so much more than we normally are.


So, here’s to a new adventure and the hope that my clients will be understanding and ready for me when I am back with full force in August!


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