Scarlett Blue Christmas Shoot

Tarrah Space Shoot

Valerie Maternity Photos

I had an amazing time shooting Valerie for her maternity shoot!
She’s the cutest thing ever. I love working with her!
Did you see the photos before from when she shoot with me?
I can’t wait to work with her again and see photos of her cutie pie new babe in a few weeks!

MUAH by KandyK

 photo valerie13logo_zps7e2bbc09.jpg

 photo valerie16logo_zpsc8279204.jpg

 photo valerie40logo_zpsb13ac856.jpg

 photo valerie53logo_zpsf50f6b78.jpg

 photo valerie90bwlogo_zps3a35d056.jpg

 photo valerie91logo_zps35a3b184.jpg

 photo valerie103logo_zpsfcc0513f.jpg

Kat and Josh’s Wedding

I was so honored to shoot Kat and Josh’s wedding back in March.
I just got a list of edits from them, and going back through photos reminded me what a rad day it was and how much fun I had!
I am so blessed to have such amazing clients and I was thrilled to shoot this day for them!

 photo kampj15_zpscc0cb104.jpg

 photo kampj140_zps7678554b.jpg

 photo kampj397_zpsfe15a6b5.jpg

 photo kampj621_zps36bb179b.jpg

 photo kampj632_zps23988a61.jpg

 photo kampj688_zps27015fef.jpg

 photo kampj1088_zpsc8e2bc0a.jpg

 photo kampj1385_zpsfc50893d.jpg

 photo kampj1785_zps88b7b006.jpg

 photo kampj1924_zpsfbc6974d.jpg

Tara O. Photos Viva Las Vegas Pinup Photo Shoots

I am so excited that it’s time to start planning and talking about Viva! Eeeeep!

Who wants to book? It’s going to be epic! I am staying in a house just off the strip with a big ol’ pool and also a room with a giant pretty bed! So many rad options!

 photo VLV2015_zpsa1311562.jpg

Tara is a Punk Rocker!

Since I got my mowhawk shaved (actually before!) I’ve wanted to do a super punk rock shoot!
I enlisted my good friend Briana to take the photos and had Stevie Rosalie do my hair and makeup!
I love how they came out, I am a rare photographer who loves having her photo taken!

 photo punk12_zps13c292d4.jpg

 photo punk19_zps14741f13.jpg

 photo punk32_zpsbcdd4d3b.jpg

 photo punk37_zpsb079db16.jpg

 photo punk63_zpsffc20e06.jpg

 photo punk72_zps50cb7cc5.jpg

 photo punk86_zpse35c0db0.jpg

 photo punk103_zps121912a4.jpg

 photo punk119_zps78c242d0.jpg

 photo punk128_zps2eebedab.jpg

Aerie Elle Photo Shoot

Aerie Elle emailed me and said she was an aerialist and that she wanted to do a shoot with her apparatuses.
I was a little worried about how the shots would end up and that the fabrics would be too bulky or take over the model.
Oh man, was I wrong! These photos were so much fun and we had a blast during the shoot. She had amazing ideas and poses.
Stevie Rosalie did a killer job on her hair and makeup.
I love incorporating pinup/retro style into different props and themes!
My job is just amazing! I know I say it a lot, but it really is!


 photo monique7logo_zpsef3c4cc3.jpg

 photo monique10logo_zpsc360f306.jpg

 photo monique21logo_zpsd5de4c81.jpg

 photo monique47logo_zps46d71bc0.jpg

 photo monique63logo_zps0adc0a6e.jpg

 photo monique95logo_zps6fa1f369.jpg

 photo monique119logo_zps777fa84f.jpg

 photo monique177logo_zpsc11a6272.jpg





Lola Coquette Halloween Photos

Katie Halloween Shoot

Kayce Halloween Shoot


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