Pinup Pajama Party!

Beer for Breakfast

I love these shots of Ruby Revolver!
We were hoping to get published, but it didn’t happen unfortunately.

Model & MUAH: Ruby Revolver

I love them all, I don’t know which one is my favorite!

 photo beerforbreakfast113logo_zpsaf0f7c3f.jpg

 photo beerforbreakfast081logo_zps9aa04c88.jpg

 photo beerforbreakfast051logo_zpsc826c7d6.jpg

 photo beerforbreakfast045logo_zpsafbca377.jpg

 photo beerforbreakfast018logo_zps029855e0.jpg

Halloween Shoot now booking!

Lawson & Marie Wedding

I was so lucky to shoot the wedding of Lawson and Marie back in November of last year.
Lawson is an old friend from when I went local shows when I was a youngin!
And Marie was the most gorgeous bride and the sweetest lady ever!

 photo marieamplawson19_zpsed11db82.jpg

 photo marieamplawson73_zpsc86f0f1b.jpg

 photo marieamplawson114_zpsa771de91.jpg

 photo marieamplawson143_zps94734700.jpg

 photo marieamplawson179_zpsbd04672c.jpg

 photo marieamplawson201_zpsc38291b9.jpg

 photo marieamplawson558_zps06bcd3e6.jpg

 photo marieamplawson900_zpsdd1be8fc.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1151_zpscd6c5b6c.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1267_zps51cc4fbb.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1378_zpsba6da128.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1386_zps506b21da.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1573_zpsfff92399.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1668_zps2344252e.jpg

New Headshots by Violet Black!

I had so much fun the other day shooting with Violet!
She did my hair, my makeup and took the photos as well!

It was hard enough to narrow down to eight, now I don’t now which to pick as my main one for all my websites!

 photo tara07_zpsabb87c97.jpeg

 photo tara06_zps86442932.jpeg

 photo tara08_zpsfce0d6d2.jpeg

 photo tara02_zps953c1221.jpeg

 photo tara03_zps20cf25a0.jpeg

 photo tara01_zpsb241800a.jpeg

 photo tara04_zpsc80bddd7.jpeg

 photo tara05_zps36cebd06.jpeg

Violet Black Sleepover

Business Babes Workshop

Violet Black Poolside

These images were shot in April, but haven’t been released because they were recently published!

There’s a two page spread from this shoot in Issue Three of Tassel Twirl Magazine!
I highly recommend you order a copy, they are FOR SURE one of the best ones out there.
There’s *so many* pinup mags nowadays that I can’t keep up and unfortunately a lot of them are thrown together without much care, they just want to put whatever photos in it and get the girls that are “published” to buy a copy. There’s not a lot of curating or very high standards. It’s not like that over at Tassel Twirl, they print only high quality, well done images. And that’s why I am so proud to have been in all three of the issues they’ve done so far!

Model and MUAH: Violet Black

Playsuit: Miss Lizzy D Creations

Swimsuit: Fables by Barrie

Pink Hair Flower: Niccoco Creations

Red Hair bow: Project Pinup

Red, White and Blue Hair flower: Rebel Hair Wear

 photo vb39ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairFlowerbyNiccocoCreationsandsuitbyLizzyDCreations_zps177086fc.jpg
 photo vb113ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps520bdeb1.jpg
 photo vb154ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zpsabe30ef9.jpg
 photo vb208ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps13b6d2e2.jpg
 photo vb222ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zpsd535bf9a.jpg
 photo vb123ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zpsca8bbc04.jpg
 photo vb252ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps56ef766f.jpg
 photo vb262ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairflowerbyRebelHairWareandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps5122a012.jpg
 photo vb274ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairflowerbyRebelHairWareandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps47163e1b.jpg
 photo vb308ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairflowerbyRebelHairWareandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zpse796aaf5.jpg

Murder Mystery at Crescent Ballroom with Don’t Blink Burlesque

I was so lucky to get to shoot a live burlesque show the other night!
I’ve done shoots with a few burlesque babes, but this was my first time shooting a live show!

Thanks for having me Don’t Blink Burlesque!

For the whole set click HERE!

 photo 10553593_10103948957504401_7942537668394960617_n_zps80211716.jpg

 photo 10394540_10103948936242011_8703716721557505145_n_zps2c8a830e.jpg

 photo 10300317_10103948937649191_9159996289645041880_n_zps44663ee1.jpg

 photo 68413_10103948937748991_1301921663429509799_n_zpsbaf42ccf.jpg

 photo 10401441_10103948938981521_6377632222778185653_n_zpsdcaf17e5.jpg

 photo 10420016_10103948941396681_1749904674048501973_n_zps1dd7dff3.jpg

 photo 10570281_10103948940648181_5641750641886473546_n_zpsc282d9d7.jpg

 photo 10574235_10103948940797881_7330571086658272914_n_zpsab07de72.jpg

 photo 10516658_10103948943302861_1430676194987899339_n_zpsca116f51.jpg

 photo 1512799_10103948944535391_2519630705682289157_n_zps8b8ebff9.jpg

Next Posing Class Announced!



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