Kiki and Dee Lemonade Stand Shoot!

Disney Shoot!

I had SO MUCH fun during the Disney themed shoot day! So much fun that I am doing it again in October I haven’t announced the date or starting advertising yet, but you can email me to book! I’ve already booked one space!

All the girls got hair and makeup by Kandy K!

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Fay Family!

I just love doing family photos! And when this group showed up at my studio to shoot I was so dang excited because, I mean- look at them! What a cute family!

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Mom & Me!

I had so much fun on the day I booked my “Mom & Me” shoots in May!
Here’s a few images from the day- I need to do this theme every year!

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Port Nationals Car Show!

This past weekend was the first annual Port Nationals event in San Pedro, CA!

I had an amazing time and go to shoot with four lovely ladies before we got rained out!

More images coming from those photo shoots soon!













Hair, makeup & photo by Stevie Rosalie

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything but photo sets, so I thought I would do a “currently” post like I use to do!

Reading: Oh no! I’ve been so bad at reading the past few months and was just thinking yesterday I need to be better about it! I am thinking of re-reading “The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer because it was just that good!

Eating: Haven’t eaten breakfast yet, but I was just contemplating putting an English muffin in the toaster oven!

Thinking about: The things I need to get done today. And I am also really trying to focus on making today a good day. I’ve been letting my anxiety get the best of me lately and it’s not good at all. I want to get back to a good, productive place.

Listening: I’ve got Felix the cat cartoons playing in the living room as background noise, but I kinda wanna switch it off and put on some piano music or something like that.

Watching: Like I just said, Felix is on in the other room. I was watching it for a moment when I first woke up.

Loving: My fiance. Things have been pretty rough on my emotions lately, but he’s been so supportive and sweet. I am so blessed to have him and even though I am sick of my rollercoaster of feelings, he doesn’t seem to be!

The idea for this post was taken from Miss Danielle of Sometimes Sweet!

Mermaid Shoot September 20th!

Frankie Fillmore Pinup Session!

Model: Frankie Fillmore
MUAH: Kandy K
Hair flower: Custom from Lila-Jo

Frankie is an AMAZING performer/producer with the AZ Burlesque group- Spellbound Burlesque!

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Cecily Bridal Pinup

Model: Cecily
MUAH: Kandy K

Cecily shot this gorgeous set for her hubby to give him on her wedding day!
I love doing bridal pinup shoots- so much fun!

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Cynthia’s Pinup Session- Disney and Social D


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