Huseman Wedding Photos

Rumble on Central Mini Shoots

April Tiki Bar Shoot

KitKat Marie

Stevie Rosalie Christmas Shoot!

Kristin Disney Themed Shoot

Spellbound Burlesque September 2015 Show

I am so lucky to work with Spellbound Burlesque on a regular basis. They have a show every other month and they always bring the best performers! Every other show I photograph and then the ones I don’t photograph I get to attend! I always enjoy having a fun date night with my husband, and seeing a burlesque show together is awesome!

Full album on photos on Facebook here!

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Denielle and Paul Retro Kitchen Photo Shoot

Models: Cracker Jack Doll (Denielle) and The Italian Sparrow (Paul)
Denielle’s MUAH by Stevie Rosalie
Shot at the home of Stevie Rosalie

I’ve been so lucky to work with Paul and Denielle quite a bit. Paul is an amazing tattoo artist and we’ve been trading tattoo services for photo shoots. It’s been really awesome and I’ve loved not only getting tattoos but doing some really rad photo shoots with them. This was the first one that had Paul also and I am loving them!

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Betty Jane Buxom Burlesque Photos

Kandy K Tiki Holiday Photo Set


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