Pool Party Baby!

Holly Darling at VLV 2015 wearing PinUp Girl Clothing

Tonya and Ruby

I was so happy when Tonya booked to do my mini “mom & me” session right around Mother’s Day!
How cute are these two? It’s pretty ridiculous!

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Port Nationals Quickie Photo Shoots!

Book all the shoots!!!!


Cherry D’Lish at Viva Las Vegas 18 in a Steady Clothing Swimsuit

Bella and Brusier Product Shots

I had an awesome time shooting for Bella & Bruiser!

If you haven’t checked out Sabrina’s stuff, you for sure need to!
She specializing in kid’s clothing and makes the most adorable things!

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Rambo Reza Male Burlesque Glitterpunk Pinup Photo Shoot Session!

When Rambo Reza performed at the Spellbound Burlesque show called The LA Affair, I was totally loving his style of burlesque. It’s always fun to see boylesque and a “tough guy” burlesque guy is also way too fun!

So when he emailed me and said he wanted to do masculine pinup I was beyond jazzed! I squealed with excitement. And then a later email mentioned glitterpunk pinup and I about died! I was so happy to embark on this idea with him and the results are so fun! I was so nervous as I don’t work with males often (sidenote: Rambo was easier to work with than some females! Haha) and I hadn’t ever photographed a nude male!

Kandy K knocked the hair and makeup outta the park! When she asked if he wanted ombre glitter eyebrows for his second look I thought I was going to jump out of my skin with excitement!

Double blue flowers are from Viv & Izzy’s and skull bow is from Kustom Voodoo!

Hope you enjoy these images, I had so much fun doing something different and love the outcome!

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Dawn at Viva Las Vegas 2015

Cherry Bomb Island Party and Car show in Peoria, AZ

Hair and makeup by Stevie Rosalie
Earrings from Modern Sparkles
Hair flower from Lila-Jo
Swimsuit from Fables by Barrie
Shoes from Bettie Page Shoes


I had so much fun at the Cherry Bomb Island Party last month, but it for sure reminded me how much I love taking photos and doing what I do. It was lots of fun to dress up, but for sure I belong behind the camera! If you want to see a video of the show, it is here!

Being a part of the pageant was a very interesting experience. It’s for sure not what I thought it would be. I spent a lot of time and energy on my outfits and was pretty bummed when I didn’t place. I didn’t think I would care and ended up being pretty disappointed! It was fun to prepare and dress up, but more work than I thought it would be! From now on, I will be taking photos of the pretty ladies instead of getting so dolled up!


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