Cracker Jack Doll at Lost Dutchman Tattoo

Riley Redd at Port Nationals

Jenna of Double K Originals!

If you don’t know about Double K Originals, you really should check them out!
This husband and wife team make vinyl handbags while they travel the country in an RV! How dang cool is that! I love it!

I have a custom made purse and matching wallet from them and I love both so much! I’ve had the purse for about six months and it’s like it’s still brand new! I just got the wallet, so I can’t say for sure how that will hold up yet, but I imagine it’s just as good as the purse is!

I was lucky enough to shoot some photos of Jenna (one half of the dynamic duo!) while they were in town a while ago! How cute is she?!

MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Red hair flower: Niccoco Creations

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Downtown Phoenix Courthouse Wedding!

When I worked as a substitute teacher, Vanessa worked at the same school I did. She’s a total sweetheart and when she told me her and her boyfriend were going to the courthouse and asked if I wanted to photograph them after their ceremony, I was so excited! Aren’t they so adorable?!

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Riley Redd in LA!

Kandy K Tiki Lingerie Set!

Yowza! When Kandy said she wanted to do both a dress and then some sexy lingerie for the tiki shoot, I had no idea she meant THIS sexy! How gorgeous is she! I love these ones, so much fun!

Model & MUAH: Kandy K
Hair flower: Lila-Jo
Lingerie: What Katie Did
Shoes: Ellie Shoes
Bar & Tikis: Tiki Diablo

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Kandy K Tiki Photo Shoot!!!!

Olga Schtroumpfette in Heart of Haute

When I was in LA in July, I stopped at Heart of Haute HQ to do a photo shoot with an amazing model! I was so happy that the timing worked out! Olga was in town all the way from Russia! It was such an awesome opportunity and I loved working with her! She posed so well and we got loads of rad product shots for the Heart of Haute lovelies!

Model: Olga Schtroumpfette
MUAH: Lily D
Clothing: Heart of Haute
White and Red flowers: Niccoco Creations

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Ellisha Fears Pool Party Shoot!


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