Miss Vintage Lady

Cracker Jack Doll Christmas Shoot

Desi Christmas Session

Kaitlin Wedding Gift Session

The lovely Miss Katilin got photos done to give her to her husband as a gift on their wedding day! They got married this past weekend so I can finally share her awesome images! Or at least all but the ones that weren’t for his eyes only!

Model: Katilin
MUAH: Kandy K
Yellow flower crown: Skeleton Keys Design

 photo kaitlin 52 logo_zpsokk3lzz3.jpg
 photo kaitlin 80 bw logo_zps4j16qk5t.jpg
 photo kaitlin 106 logo_zpsuwer3mry.jpg
 photo kaitlin 144 logo_zpszhvfcsfw.jpg
 photo kaitlin 287 bw logo_zpsnwy32wde.jpg


Rumble on Central Zombie Pinups

The Rumble on Central event this past weekend was amazing!
I had so much fun photographing a few of the zombie pinups and judging the contest! The girls brought it so hard- so many amazing outfits!
Models: Bethy Glam, Lucy Von D, Kim, Rose

 photo bethy 24 logo_zpsil6c46h7.jpg
 photo bethy 49 logo_zpsqmhpwwzm.jpg
 photo deborah 23 logo_zpsuuikxszn.jpg
 photo deborah 29 logo_zpsnzjqgnnv.jpg
 photo deborah 55 bw logo_zpso22tv61p.jpg
 photo kim 10 logo_zpsfb4n8lnn.jpg
 photo kim 31 logo_zpsgbm8s8au.jpg
 photo rose 14 logo_zpspnyna52w.jpg
 photo rose 25 logo_zpsizrhxxgr.jpg
 photo rose 30 bw_zpsq0mmnygn.jpg
 photo rose 35 logo_zpsdjyd8dqo.jpg

Tanya Rae Maternity Shoot

Rachel Pinup Session

Shannon Garage Set

Model: Shannon
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Red hair flower: Lil Lou Lou
White hair flower: Niccoco Creations
Dress: Heart of Haute

 photo shannon 13 logo_zpsxiayv9cf.jpg
 photo shannon 22 logo_zpsj2vew9cc.jpg
 photo shannon 32 bw logo_zpsvcluvjwq.jpg
 photo shannon 83 logo_zpsrnr8r0w4.jpg
 photo shannon 122 bw logo_zpstygofloa.jpg
 photo shannon 133 logo_zps2saqf2sh.jpg
 photo shannon 161 logo_zpsuq3cwvyc.jpg
 photo shannon 173 logo_zps2c0p9sui.jpg
 photo shannon 183 logo_zpshjwd3ixx.jpg

Melanie Halloween Shoot!

Vivian Von Meow