Christine at Viva Las Vegas

Carrie with Cherry Dollface MUAH

Robin Klein Viva Photo Session

Bodacious Lola Pinup Picnic!

Model: Bodacious Lola
MUAH: Cherry Dollface

 photo image 7 logo_zpsb0btodcg.jpg
 photo image 18 logo_zps9shzex0g.jpg
 photo image 26 logo_zpsd3gi3zew.jpg
 photo image 27 logo_zpsuwc7ivef.jpg
 photo image 53 logo_zpszrbpeedr.jpg
 photo image 63 logo_zpsvfpot4ud.jpg
 photo image 81 logo_zpsbsebhcau.jpg
 photo image 100 logo_zpst9loloqb.jpg
 photo image 119 logo_zps72ftj41m.jpg

Melanie Pinup Picnic

Amy Picnic Pinup Set

Danielle Picnic Set!

Auna Munster

Cherry Dollface!!!

Model/MUAH: Cherry Dollface

Guys, I can’t even tell you how cool it was so photograph this babe. And to be at a point in my career where I was barely even nervous to do so felt so good. Luckily, Cherry is the biggest sweetie pie ever, so that’s probably why I really didn’t feel nervous!


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