Deannine at Heart of Haute

Amy’s Family

I’ve been doing Amy’s family photos for a few years now! We first met when I shot her and the images ended up in Retro Lovely! Since then I’ve done loads of photos for her family- including her wedding. I feel so blessed to have so much support from her and her family!

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Amanda and her fella!

Amanda and her boyfriend had a super cute sessions with me in Prescott a few weekends ago!

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The Blamey Family Christmas Photos

Jazmin and JB

Jazmin and her fella shot with me for the holidays in Prescott, AZ at Granite Creek Park!

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Emmy Delight at Stevie’s House

Desi at Heart of Haute

Heart of Haute Product Shots!

I had such a great time at the Heart of Haute warehouse doing photo shoots a few weeks ago and I was SO excited when they asked me to shoot some product photos for them! We grabbed a few of the ladies shooting and went for it!

Models: Stevie Rosalie, Miss Vintage Lady, Samantha, Alisa
MUAH (on all but Alisa): Stevie Rosalie

 photo SQ1A2504 logo_zpsui7re3vb.jpg
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Miss Vintage Lady

Cracker Jack Doll Christmas Shoot