Monique Wedding Gift Set

Brittany Wedding Gift Photos

Model: Brittany
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Earrings: Torture Couture

Brittany did this photo session for her husband as a gift for their wedding! I love when ladies do a photo shoot as a gift for their fiance. It’s so much fun! And what a memorable and awesome gift that you will always have! Plus, the girl gets to be pampered and have fun on top of it! Bonus!

I was also lucky enough to get to photograph her beautiful wedding!

 photo britt 22 logo_zps2ysattyw.jpg
 photo britt 45 bw logo_zpsneaqvnw2.jpg
 photo britt 47 logo_zpscqu4ytr3.jpg
 photo britt 78 logo_zps3ildn9zh.jpg
 photo britt 135 logo_zpsboto6pdr.jpg
 photo britt 169 logo_zpsae7xzpa7.jpg

Sailor and Mermaid Sets with Kelcie

Vivian Von Meow Maternity Session

Mama & Me 2017 Sessions

I was lucky enough to do six family sessions for my Mama & Me themed days! I’ve done this a few years right before Mother’s Day and it’s so much fun to do retro and pinup themed style family photos!

Hair & Makeup by Stevie Rosalie on Amy, Kerri, Cindy, Desi & Haley!

 photo amy 13 logo_zpsgaxjfinn.jpg
 photo amy 57 logo_zpsqs059afo.jpg
 photo amy 85 logo_zpslflslhnp.jpg
 photo lea 1 logo_zpsttdicywt.jpg
 photo lea 31 bw logo_zpsto7neuoz.jpg
 photo lea 106 logo_zpspznazebr.jpg
 photo kerri 8 logo_zpswmrjbrus.jpg
 photo kerri 34 logo_zpstmiczp96.jpg
 photo kerri 51 logo_zpsf6jtz2t7.jpg
 photo kerri 64 logo_zpsil4kju2y.jpg
 photo kerri 80 logo_zpsmmy1snue.jpg
 photo kerri 104 logo_zpsbggwbzqk.jpg
 photo janine 10 logo_zpsvhfakzvc.jpg
 photo janine 83 logo_zpsbzze2tqd.jpg
 photo janine 106 logo_zpslh4x2gqg.jpg
 photo dey 15 logo_zpsnpgdbnnt.jpg
 photo dey 61 logo_zpsxz0b90qm.jpg
 photo dey 85 bw logo_zpsimtoqe4b.jpg
 photo dey 104 logo_zpsjsnzkfos.jpg
 photo desi haley 76 logo_zpsilkxwb6e.jpg
 photo desi haley 77 logo_zpsek6dhn8o.jpg
 photo desi haley 95 logo_zpsvklkatck.jpg

Desirea Mermaid Photo Shoot

Brittany & Anthony’s Wedding

I only do a handful of weddings each year, because they are so much work and so tiring, and of course I prefer to shoot pinups!

But I loved shooting this gorgeous day at the Icehouse in Phoenix, this couple is such good people. Thanks for having me Brittany & Anthony!

 photo wedding 01_zpsxfdscnnj.jpg
 photo wedding 02_zpsvxc2ecsl.jpg
 photo wedding 03_zps6jebfe5h.jpg
 photo wedding 14_zpsxwehvfbu.jpg
 photo wedding 04_zps5fq7ebuy.jpg
 photo wedding 05_zpsoxyzjcqb.jpg
 photo wedding 06_zps3qfxuasw.jpg
 photo wedding 07_zpsuroxzfzp.jpg
 photo wedding 08_zpsrn6cm0ud.jpg
 photo wedding 09_zpssqvseyun.jpg
 photo wedding 10_zpssl01bwkz.jpg
 photo wedding 11_zpstqtjwbkn.jpg
 photo wedding 12_zpst4rtz6qk.jpg
 photo wedding 13_zps08ptnr9p.jpg
 photo wedding 15_zpssk8hzk1s.jpg
 photo wedding 16_zpsycglwi2r.jpg
 photo wedding 18_zps9bkvfu1h.jpg
 photo wedding 19_zpsbb46d3vk.jpg
 photo wedding 17_zps7rdykwnv.jpg

Lauren at Undertow

Janine and Lorenzo

Desi & Chris Motorcycle Shoot