Desirea Mermaid Photo Shoot

Model: Desirea
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Custom bra/corset: Wonderland Corsets
Hair flowers/starfish clips: Lila-Jo
Crown/bra: Stevie Rosalie

 photo desi 6 logo_zpsc0ftydd3.jpg
 photo desi 47 logo_zpsvjgeo2tu.jpg
 photo desi 68 logo_zpsjkbxzpjx.jpg
 photo desi 83 logo_zpslgpudqz1.jpg
 photo desi 104 logo_zps0ortxa4u.jpg
 photo desi 136 logo_zpstzaeld1f.jpg
 photo desi 149 logo_zpsbhvjbrvc.jpg
 photo desi 155 logo_zpsg1nmyll2.jpg
 photo desi 173 logo_zpsuf8bjuvf.jpg
 photo desi 180 logo_zpsyhbmsza3.jpg



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