Brittany & Anthony’s Wedding

I only do a handful of weddings each year, because they are so much work and so tiring, and of course I prefer to shoot pinups!

But I loved shooting this gorgeous day at the Icehouse in Phoenix, this couple is such good people. Thanks for having me Brittany & Anthony!

 photo wedding 01_zpsxfdscnnj.jpg
 photo wedding 02_zpsvxc2ecsl.jpg
 photo wedding 03_zps6jebfe5h.jpg
 photo wedding 14_zpsxwehvfbu.jpg
 photo wedding 04_zps5fq7ebuy.jpg
 photo wedding 05_zpsoxyzjcqb.jpg
 photo wedding 06_zps3qfxuasw.jpg
 photo wedding 07_zpsuroxzfzp.jpg
 photo wedding 08_zpsrn6cm0ud.jpg
 photo wedding 09_zpssqvseyun.jpg
 photo wedding 10_zpssl01bwkz.jpg
 photo wedding 11_zpstqtjwbkn.jpg
 photo wedding 12_zpst4rtz6qk.jpg
 photo wedding 13_zps08ptnr9p.jpg
 photo wedding 15_zpssk8hzk1s.jpg
 photo wedding 16_zpsycglwi2r.jpg
 photo wedding 18_zps9bkvfu1h.jpg
 photo wedding 19_zpsbb46d3vk.jpg
 photo wedding 17_zps7rdykwnv.jpg


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