Desirea with MUAH by Cherry Dollface

Model: Desirea
MUAH: Cherry Dollface
Romper: Collectif
Dress: Cherry Dollface Vintage

 photo desi 90 logo_zpsz42qz4o2.jpg
 photo desi 105 logo_zpshll4r4pq.jpg
 photo desi 118 logo_zpsmeugudqy.jpg
 photo desi 137 bw logo_zps98tlhnzb.jpg
 photo desi 145 logo_zpssemhudog.jpg
 photo desi 177 logo_zpstkge4dmg.jpg
 photo desi 181 logo_zpsnsupon5q.jpg
 photo desi 223 logo_zpstcgocltj.jpg
 photo desi 261 bw logo_zpsmyqcknbq.jpg
 photo desi 273 logo_zpsdrmnjlvh.jpg
 photo desi 295 logo_zps4rhrhyw1.jpg


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