Sugars Doll with MUAH by Cherry Dollface

Model: Sugars Doll
MUAH: Cherry Dollface
Capris: Deadly Dames
Top: Heart of Haute
Apron: Boojiboo
Oranges Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Hair clip: Lila-Jo
All other accessories: Sugars Accessories

 photo steph 41 logo_zpsou69nyvz.jpg
 photo steph 62 bw logo_zpszx8rb8lf.jpg
 photo steph 88 logo_zpsuqaxszzw.jpg
 photo steph 100 logo_zpsr0dsuvkk.jpg
 photo steph 158 logo_zpsjsnsf8mp.jpg
 photo steph 190 logo_zpsusjj2ez2.jpg
 photo steph 216 logo_zpsn8uwt6nl.jpg
 photo steph 250 logo_zpsqk0zct1m.jpg


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