Amanda & Husband maternity Set

I shot these maternity images of Amanda and her husband at the beginning of last summer, and I am so excited to finally edit and release them!

MUAH/Location: Stevie Rosalie
Red robe: Catherine D’Lish
Swimsuit Top: Fables by Barrie
Oranges hair clip: Lila-Jo

 photo lane 16 logo_zpskratcwok.jpg
 photo lane 39 bw logo_zpsj4gh3rd2.jpg
 photo lane 90 logo_zpsilt4l7st.jpg
 photo lane 126 bw logo_zpslyaubnxr.jpg
 photo lane 130 logo_zpsufoeaqam.jpg
 photo lane 171 logo_zpsz28moknw.jpg
 photo lane 178 logo_zpsy4mqoakx.jpg
 photo lane 191 logo_zpslpgu2iss.jpg
 photo lane 224 logo_zps5bp42kmj.jpg
 photo lane 236 logo_zpshnkd9skw.jpg
 photo lane 294 logo_zps9my8ndau.jpg


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