Desi at Heart of Haute

Model: Desi
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Wardrobe & Location: Heart of Haute
White Teadrop Earrings: Torture Couture

 photo desi 18 logo_zpsd1te8555.jpg
 photo desi 39 logo_zpstyufukiq.jpg
 photo desi 46 logo_zpstirezeka.jpg
 photo desi 81 bw_zps9plyxpcz.jpg
 photo desi 88 logo_zpscbcz7onf.jpg
 photo desi 113 logo_zpsifktb4zv.jpg
 photo desi 121 logo_zpshuxbkvpz.jpg
 photo desi 146 logo_zps64w4ceqe.jpg
 photo desi 164 logo_zpslrr3fzix.jpg
 photo desi 172 logo_zps1moz2ruw.jpg
 photo desi 180 logo_zpsgb5qcl13.jpg


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