Miss Vintage Lady

Model: Miss Vintage Lady
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Green gown: Emerald & Palm
Blue Dress: The Pretty Dress
Bra: Dita Von Teese

 photo curstie 37 logo_zpsfnkhsen5.jpg
 photo curstie 48 logo_zpswif2gyhn.jpg
 photo curstie 51 logo_zpsycwivmig.jpg
 photo curstie 86 bw logo_zpsokahh231.jpg
 photo curstie 99 logo_zpspgwqhqm2.jpg
 photo curstie 110 logo_zps4umf84kf.jpg
 photo curstie 112 bw logo_zps4yay5h34.jpg
 photo curstie 124 logo_zps1fjcntwh.jpg
 photo curstie 134 logo_zpswmak5eya.jpg
 photo curstie 222 logo_zpsda9y1iyt.jpg
 photo curstie 223 logo_zpsa5sgzuuo.jpg
 photo curstie 233 bw logo_zpsetn2iwcv.jpg
 photo curstie 234 logo_zpsqjtxpz5l.jpg
 photo curstie 235 logo_zps4bewm2tc.jpg
 photo curstie 242 bw logo_zps3yeoupak.jpg
 photo curstie 244 logo_zpszqcxioxv.jpg
 photo curstie 260 logo_zpsvvenn37d.jpg
 photo curstie 266 logo_zpsn8ugkg1j.jpg


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