Shannon Garage Set

Model: Shannon
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Red hair flower: Lil Lou Lou
White hair flower: Niccoco Creations
Dress: Heart of Haute

 photo shannon 13 logo_zpsxiayv9cf.jpg
 photo shannon 22 logo_zpsj2vew9cc.jpg
 photo shannon 32 bw logo_zpsvcluvjwq.jpg
 photo shannon 83 logo_zpsrnr8r0w4.jpg
 photo shannon 122 bw logo_zpstygofloa.jpg
 photo shannon 133 logo_zps2saqf2sh.jpg
 photo shannon 161 logo_zpsuq3cwvyc.jpg
 photo shannon 173 logo_zps2c0p9sui.jpg
 photo shannon 183 logo_zpshjwd3ixx.jpg


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