Melanie Halloween Shoot!

Model: Melanie
MUAH: Kandy K
Hair bow: Kustom Voodoo
Hair flower, bat earrings & bracelet: Sparkle Monster

 photo melanie 33 logo_zpsye7u3bdc.jpg
 photo melanie 58 logo_zpsvdrc0xre.jpg
 photo melanie 59 bw logo_zpsycsfbs2o.jpg
 photo melanie 78 logo_zpss3ira1hn.jpg
 photo melanie 85 logo_zpsc5xt5cwq.jpg
 photo melanie 103 logo_zpsxlcx07y0.jpg
 photo melanie 113 logo_zpslqej5ez6.jpg
 photo melanie 133 logo_zpswofqisn4.jpg
 photo melanie 144 logo_zpsazqlw1dr.jpg
 photo melanie 166 logo_zpswssss8hf.jpg


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