Vivian Von Meow

Model: Vivian Von Meow
MUAH: Kandy K
Green & Spiderweb Dresses: Pinup Girl Clothing
Green & Black Veil Fascinator: Kustom Voodoo
Bracelet: Sparkle Monster
Skeleton Hand Clips: Viv N Izzy’s
Chocker Necklace: Torture Couture
Spider Eyeball Ring: Torture Couture
Black boots: Bettie Page Shoes

 photo ashley 24 logo_zpsuq1n0ngv.jpg
 photo ashley 53 loho_zpstkrv8c5a.jpg
 photo ashley 92 bw logo_zpscass31or.jpg
 photo ashley 128 logo_zpsfeiv0osd.jpg
 photo ashley 154 logo_zpstfofhypw.jpg
 photo ashley 176 logo_zps1plpgz5q.jpg
 photo ashley 237 logo_zps6o4pnv7w.jpg
 photo ashley 262 logo_zpsbcyfoo2w.jpg
 photo ashley 271 logo_zpsrza9kclr.jpg


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