Kat at Hotel Valley Ho

Model: Kat
MUAH: Kandy K
Accessories: Project Pinup

 photo kat 2 logo_zpsawmkjktn.jpg
 photo kat 28 logo_zpsvzzmdnek.jpg
 photo kat 42 logo_zpszlluvhx4.jpg
 photo kat 70 logo_zpsvysc4kft.jpg
 photo kat 83 bw logo_zpsjqax30on.jpg
 photo kat 96 logo_zpsglmvbw9n.jpg
 photo kat 112 logo_zps4agy1c2w.jpg
 photo kat 121 logo_zpsgprvcysq.jpg
 photo kat 157 logo_zpstcvqghtm.jpg
 photo kat 161 bw_zpsgkyxe6ze.jpg
 photo kat 179 logo_zpsbd3ov9oo.jpg
 photo kat 187 logo_zpseoxy5r8t.jpg


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