Lauren- Owner of Mint Hair Studio

Model & MUAH: Lauren
Location: Mint Hair Studio

 photo lauren 12 logo_zpsha5xkiqe.jpg
 photo lauren 26 logo_zpszl05avsa.jpg
 photo lauren 33 bw _zpsnrlfjw1e.jpg
 photo lauren 61 logo_zpsyen2xvjv.jpg
 photo lauren 62 logo_zpslt0xw0t4.jpg
 photo lauren 73 logo_zpsnhbyojjy.jpg
 photo lauren 94 logo_zpsx7ar4q3u.jpg
 photo lauren 131 bw logo_zpsroruh6jf.jpg
 photo lauren 132 logo_zpsvu5ghd1y.jpg
 photo lauren 151 logo_zps8zcges9c.jpg
 photo lauren 167 logo_zpsgbbyldtp.jpg


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