Jaclyn and Joseph Wedding

Jaclyn and Joseph got married in Sedona and I was so lucky to get to photograph their big day!

Gorgeous tattooed bride and handsome bearded groom! Heck yes!

 photo morales 183 logo_zpswuyydnj9.jpg
 photo morales 219 bw logo_zps1mqztiw4.jpg
 photo morales 316 logo websize_zpsb7ddondp.jpg
 photo morales 331 bw logo_zpscwckpqj8.jpg
 photo morales 345 contrast logo websize_zpscynmq911.jpg
 photo morales 386 logo_zpsppp1axuj.jpg
 photo morales 453 logo websize_zps7lcyhe3n.jpg
 photo morales 508 logo_zpsvuaxslf2.jpg
 photo morales 521 logo websize_zps6f2xndxs.jpg
 photo morales 542 logo websize_zpsi8etforr.jpg
 photo morales 556 bw logo_zpsxirtuzrb.jpg
 photo morales 655 logo_zpsnigfq7sz.jpg
 photo morales 709 logo_zpslun67zw1.jpg


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