FINALLY! I did it!

So about two years ago I had the idea to photograph my wardrobe and have it available online for my clients to browse.

I have a photobucket album with some stuff, but it wasn’t complete and well, I wanted it on my website to scroll through, not an icky looking photobucket album.

Why yes, this was the most PAINFUL project for me. So dang tedious!!!

Lugging clothes from the wardrobe to my shooting area, shooting them, uploading them, re-sizing them in Photoshop, uploading to my site, organizing them on my site with the example photos… ugh, I am just so happy to be done!


If it asks for a password- it’s WARDROBE (in call caps!)


2 thoughts on “FINALLY! I did it!

    • Hey doll! Sorry I didn’t see this sooner! The wardrobe link is weird, it doesn’t always work right. But if you go to my site and click “login” and then type in WARDROBE for the password it will open 🙂

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