Why do I have to pay in full to book?!

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It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve finally decided to ask for full payment upon booking a photo session with me.

There’s a lot of reasons why. If you want the short answer, I am covering my buns and protecting my time and energy.

If you want the long answer, here ya go gorgeous…

1. I am working on more complicated sets. I think that my clients are returning to me because they really enjoy the locations I chose and the props and sets that I offer. But after a while I have done the same things and used the same props. I want more chairs and vanities and vintage goodies for you to hold in your pretty little hands!

2. I want to buy more wardrobe for my clients. I have lots of clothes. Like I mean, lots. But most of them are in the M, L, XL range. I want to get more XS and S as well as some more 2X and 3X. I don’t want anyone to not be able to shoot with me just because of a lack of wardrobe options. I also want to expand my bra and garter belt collection.

3. My hair and makeup girls take time out of their schedules for your shoot also. Both Stevie Rosalie and Kandy K are available for hair and makeup services during shoots with me. Both of these babes are also amazing mothers that can’t afford to take time from their kids and then have the shoot not happen.

4. I now have an extra part time job in addition to my photo business. I can’t afford to set aside time for a shoot and have it not happen. I need to protect my time even more carefully than I have in the past.

So in the recent months I’ve had a few rough days. I had the day a few months ago that three girls booked and in a matter of a few hours the morning of the shoot, I had two of the three cancel. I had a month or so ago, when money that I was expecting was to be used for Christmas presents and bills was suddenly a girl emails me a few hours before a shoot when I am already at the location. So those funds I was counting on didn’t happen when I could have probably filled her spot if she had let me know sooner.

I know that the deposit I asked for in the past helped with this, but there’s too many instances where it’s just not enough. When I am not getting the money I was expecting, but I also then have to give part of the deposit to my hair and makeup ladies- it’s just a huge bummer.

I also know that none of my clients are doing this to screw me over. Nobody has bad intentions when they cancel. I get that life happens! But in most cases it’s just “Well I didn’t have the rest of the money” and by asking for it all up front, this nips that problem in the bud.

I could go on, but I think this helps explain in more detail why I’ve made this change!

I am always willing to work with people, especially if you are a past client and haven’t ever had to cancel on me. Please email me and let me know your situation and we will figure it out!

The best news of all is that you can also pay for your shoot with financing through PayPal! They basically front the money and if you pay back within 6 months, you don’t pay interest. Read more about that at this blog post right here!


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