Why are you raising your rates?!


With the new year I have decided to raise my rates. I have done this pretty much ever year I’ve been in business. The new year will bring the milestone of 9 years since I started my business as “Tara O. Photos”. While I stopped and started and took breaks here and there, it’s been about 3 and a half years since I have worked solidly for myself and only held part time jobs here and there during that time.

When I started shooting I charged only $30 for the first few shoots that I did. And now, with the new year, a one look shoot will be $300 (but of course that includes hair and makeup, which I didn’t arrange/provide when I first started shooting).

It’s hard every time I do this because I fear that I will alienate or lose my existing clients. Why would I expect them to pay more for the same service? Well, that’s why I felt the need to write this blog…

1. I have better equipment. I got a new camera this year and I’ve been paying the loan back for it. My images look much better with my new body and this helps your images look better and sharper.

2. I really want to get better sets and props. And these cost money, obviously. It’s hard because often I make a prop or put together a set and don’t know if it will book enough to pay back to cost of the set. I also want to expand my wardrobe even more. Charging a higher rate will help me have enough to cover these expenses.

3. The girls that provide hair and makeup to me have raised their rates. For similar reasons such as new equipment, makeup and hair products- they deserve to charge more as they learn.

4. I want to shoot at more locations. I have noticed that my clients really enjoy shooting at on-site locations and the more places I shoot the better. It’s fun for me and allows awesome experiences!

There’s probably even more reasons that I could list, but I think these help explain it. I want to be honest with my clients and not let anyone think I am just charging more to just make more money for selfish reasons. I really love what I do and need to make sure I have the means to take care of my business and myself!


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