Sunshine Vixen at Port Nationals

For anyone who wasn’t at Port Nationals or didn’t hear, this amazing event took place right on the port in San Pedro, CA on July 18th. But it was only the first year of the event, can’t wait to see what they do next year!

Unfortunately, we got rained out! Most of the bands didn’t get to play, the pinup pageant got rushed to finish and I didn’t get to shoot all the girls I had booked!!

After they told everyone to leave and most of the cars were gone, I was talking to this model, Sunshine Vixen, about how bummed we were. The rain cleared for a second and we said “let’s just do it! quick!”. While shooting we had security bug us and said we needed to get going, but we just loved the dramatic look of the rainy skies and gloomy light with her gorgeous dress! She made it herself! Check her out- LexiCo Fashion!

Model: Sunshine Vixen
MUAH: Raquel Rockwell
Dress: LexiCo Fashion

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image (12) logo

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