Vox Curvy Couture Modern Mermaid Collection

Models: Andy and Samantha
Clothing: Pinup Girl Clothing & Ready-to-Stare
Accessories: Ready-to-Stare, Viv & Izzy’s, Vox Curvy Couture, and Lila-Jo Clothing & Accessories
MUAH: Kandy K
Styling: Andy
Coordinator: Sarah Ericson
Shoes: Vox Curvy Couture
Tails: Shannwich and Stevie Rosalie

 photo vox 23 logo_zpsqiybyxcn.jpg

 photo vox 29 logo_zpsrbjjgovm.jpg

 photo vox 42 logo_zpsjaeadhhl.jpg

 photo vox 58 logo_zpsclnxydkd.jpg

 photo vox 62 logo_zpsvx2gvmba.jpg

 photo vox 78 logo_zpsrnlwszwv.jpg

 photo vox 87 logo_zpsyksi0e3i.jpg

 photo vox 112 logo_zpsg2a8zea8.jpg

 photo vox 116 logo_zpsxof1ipqt.jpg

 photo vox 129 logo_zpsf0wabkes.jpg

 photo vox 135 logo_zpsbk7bolh7.jpg

 photo vox 141 logo_zps4sbvq34x.jpg

 photo vox 144 logo_zpshzl55sb3.jpg


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