Patti Pearls Pinup Shoot

Model: Patti Pearls
Hair: Cherry Dollface
MUA: Kandy K

 photo patti 1 logo_zpsw0lpjo6u.jpg

 photo patti 14 logo_zpsm1zvsag1.jpg

 photo patti 18 logo_zpsrj7v7cij.jpg

 photo patti 32 logo_zpshgn9fsy2.jpg

 photo patti 44 logo_zpsurivle3p.jpg

 photo patti 51 logo_zpssxar1e2r.jpg

 photo patti 65 logo_zpsawkx7sfl.jpg

 photo patti 69 logo_zpsek8is1ep.jpg

 photo patti 84 logo_zpsv1ebmrb9.jpg

 photo patti 93 logo_zpsrwe4xiiw.jpg

 photo patti 102 logo_zpsgwqialuu.jpg

 photo patti 113 logo_zpski6najla.jpg

 photo patti 124 logo_zpso7rn5xut.jpg


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