Dottie May Duitt at VLV 2014

Model: Dottie May Duitt
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Shot at the Flamingo Hotel and the VLV Car Show in Las Vegas, NV

To celebrate my excitement for the upcoming Viva Las Vegas weekender, I am releasing all my photos that never got shared from last year! Many of them went to publication submissions and then never got shared! Now is the time to fix that! I still have a few spaces for shoots at this year’s event- so email if you’d like to book!

 photo crystal 13 logo_zpsw0hcar4v.jpg

 photo crystal 16 logo_zpsi7bk6zlb.jpg

 photo crystal 21 logo_zpsnjammizr.jpg

 photo crystal 41 logo_zpsd3nugkb9.jpg

 photo crystal 64 logo_zps7kiwla4w.jpg

 photo crystal 78 logo_zpsae2rbilk.jpg

 photo crystal 171 logo_zps9g9gki9w.jpg

 photo crystal 211 logo_zpskpymrxvs.jpg

 photo crystal 217 logo_zpsoiltmxdx.jpg

 photo crystal 229 logo_zpsrcpyrjna.jpg

 photo crystal 253 logo_zpszqjcuvid.jpg

 photo crystal 289 logo_zpsftayut42.jpg

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