Benson Wedding

I was so grateful and blessed to get to shot the wedding of Miranda and Jake!
They are a lovely couple and Miranda has been a long time client of mine (as well as one of the best prop-makers ever!).

Here’s just 10 snapshots from their 1200 image set!
They narrowed it down to these 10 to be their top choices from the day, and I am sure glad they picked because I don’t know how they narrowed it down!

 photo benson 60_zps5ppjkhqx.jpg

 photo benson 126_zpsudi2dzzz.jpg

 photo benson 192_zpsjeawpp3v.jpg

 photo benson 351_zpspwjwfeyw.jpg

 photo benson 461 bw_zpsvjwcgpdm.jpg

 photo benson 487_zpsvqhmwh7g.jpg

 photo benson 621_zps46ewj1ko.jpg

 photo benson 826_zpsbholwk1x.jpg

 photo benson 973_zpsdw6xatul.jpg

 photo benson 1149_zpscprmwu6s.jpg


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