Some of my favorite Lady Small Businesses

I am so very lucky to have a lot of small businesses that help support Tara O. Photos.
Often times, I get product given to me for use in photo shoots and in exchange I like to take some nice photos of the product for those girls to use for their online listings/advertising.

Here’s a few that I shot recently with Stevie Rosalie!

Please check out the links below the photos and support some small business babes!

 photo IMG_0220logo_zps84812fb3.jpg

 photo IMG_0195logo_zps65786856.jpg
Kustom Voodoo

 photo IMG_0161logo_zpsc1f6719a.jpg
Niccoco Creations

 photo nova04_zpsd7ba044b.jpg
Nova Glitz

 photo essem02_zps6d48bd03.jpg
Essem Design (now known as Sparkle Monster)

 photo projectpinup03_zps06da0597.jpg
Project Pinup

 photo viv03_zpsb6cebd8b.jpg
Viv N’ Izzy’s

 photo torture02_zps9784e01a.jpg
Torture Couture

 photo IMG_9765logo_zpsbe8b561e.jpg
Modern Sparkles


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