Why I do What I Do

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It’s not just about making a pretty picture.

It’s not just about playing dress up.

It’s not about having a small waist or big boobs.

It’s not just getting dolled up and gossiping.

It’s about empowering, strengthening and loving women.

There’s so much out there beating women down, telling them to buy this, buy that. Wear this, not that. Eat this, drink this, do this diet, try this exercise… Me? I am all about embracing our bodies and our lives and our stories. Men and women alike. But it’s even tougher out there for women. There’s so much history telling out there telling us we are worthless, less than, not as important. And there’s a lot of current media beating us down too.

That’s why I do what I do. I try to give women back a little bit of that power. Showing them their beauty, their strength and their confidence. And I hope to all heck that it carries over into their everyday and that they go out into the world with the same excitement and energy they get after hair and makeup and getting on the set and having some fun in front of my camera.

I am so lucky to do what I do and honestly, if I didn’t have bills to pay and need food in my belly, I wouldn’t charge a dime.

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