Aerie Elle Photo Shoot

Aerie Elle emailed me and said she was an aerialist and that she wanted to do a shoot with her apparatuses.
I was a little worried about how the shots would end up and that the fabrics would be too bulky or take over the model.
Oh man, was I wrong! These photos were so much fun and we had a blast during the shoot. She had amazing ideas and poses.
Stevie Rosalie did a killer job on her hair and makeup.
I love incorporating pinup/retro style into different props and themes!
My job is just amazing! I know I say it a lot, but it really is!


 photo monique7logo_zpsef3c4cc3.jpg

 photo monique10logo_zpsc360f306.jpg

 photo monique21logo_zpsd5de4c81.jpg

 photo monique47logo_zps46d71bc0.jpg

 photo monique63logo_zps0adc0a6e.jpg

 photo monique95logo_zps6fa1f369.jpg

 photo monique119logo_zps777fa84f.jpg

 photo monique177logo_zpsc11a6272.jpg






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