Candice Halloween Shoot!

Model: Candice Benally
MUAH: Kandy K
Spiderweb & Green dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Cameo necklace: Project Pinup
Skull bow & black bow veil: Kustom Voodoo

 photo candice15logo_zpseac5f8fa.jpg

 photo candice20logo_zps6e5c8f5a.jpg

 photo candice35logo_zps84f42820.jpg

 photo candice69logo_zpse28dfb6b.jpg

 photo candice99logo_zpsd686b2ff.jpg

 photo candice100logo_zpsb97ed8b4.jpg

 photo candice108logo_zps1049b8c3.jpg

 photo candice125logo_zps5e3e869e.jpg

 photo candice128logo_zps1b0f3396.jpg

 photo candice160logo_zpsba9d1f68.jpg

 photo candice181logo_zpsbce417cd.jpg

 photo candice197logo_zps120aeb48.jpg


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