VaVaVoom Burlesque Babe Photos

I was so lucky to shoot some ladies of VaVaVoom Burlesque; it was such a rad shoot!
These babes brought some really glam looks and I was so happy to shoot them individually and as a group.

Check out these ladies and Studio VaVaVoom to take some classes and do some burlesque moves yourself!


 photo vvv25logo_zpsdba4b360.jpg
Lucy Morals

 photo vvv28logo_zps21c65738.jpg
Kiki Royale

 photo vvv66logo_zpsb417cf5f.jpg
Primrose Path

 photo vvv43logo_zps64cf2d8c.jpg
Wynter Assests

 photo vvv81logo_zpsd90c9df9.jpg
Jessa Handful

 photo vvv136logo_zpsdef29e66.jpg
Dottie May Duitt

 photo vvv101logo_zps5927fbdc.jpg
DeeDee Meanor

 photo vvv106logo_zps079a7da4.jpg
Penny Wiles

 photo vvv116logo_zps04ea173f.jpg
Ella Boheme

 photo vvv194logo_zps969ae0a6.jpg

 photo vvv196logo_zps81d69661.jpg

 photo vvv228logo_zpsa5ccb3b4.jpg


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