Lola Coquette Mermaid Pinup Photo Shoot

Lola has been an amazing client! She’s such a sweetheart and I love her to bits!
She did a great job, as always! I love these mermaid photos so much, she’s the best!

Model: Lola Coquette
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Pink Tail: Shannon O’Connor
Green Tail, Stone bra and crown: Stevie
Shell chair: Tara

 photo lola_001logo_zps73cac169.jpg

 photo lola_098logo_zps870df435.jpg

 photo lola_112logo_zps77d5f7d9.jpg

 photo lola_159logo_zpsd3edec7c.jpg

 photo lola_190logo_zps41eef3d4.jpg

 photo lola_202_zpsb8df20b7.jpg

 photo lola_222logo_zpsdf026cde.jpg

 photo lola_312logo_zpse9e0ed69.jpg

 photo lola_355logo_zps283eec52.jpg

 photo lola_394logo_zps3f50f3ba.jpg


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