Polish DeVille Sailor Pinup Shoot

After some difficulty with the gray backdrop (I won’t use it again!) causing lots of time in Photoshop, I am so happy with the results of these photos!

I was lucky enough to shoot with Polish DeVille for the mermaid shoot and at the Cherry Bomb car show (where we first met!)

She’s an amazing model, and if you can even believe it she’s a newbie to the pinup world!

I love how much she works to make her photos and costuming perfect and am so glad to have her as a client!

Model: Polish DeVille
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Anchor Brooch/Necklace: Project Pinup
Props loaned from: Caitlin Crimmins
Polka Dot Dress: Tatyana Clothing purchased at Kitten Retro Glamour

 photo polish3editedlogowebsize_zpsbb681c5c.jpg

 photo polish18editedlogowebsize_zpsc8097969.jpg

 photo polish59editedlogowebsize_zpsb851a646.jpg

 photo polish78editedlogowebsize_zps6dbbe0f0.jpg

 photo polish146logowebsize_zps67d3958b.jpg

 photo polish230editedlogowebsize_zps994fec11.jpg

 photo polish334editedlogowebsize_zpsb63ccacd.jpg


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