Polish DeVille Mermaid Shoot

Model: Polish DeVille
Makeup: Stevie Rosalie
Hair: wigs!
Green tail: Stevie
Pink tail: Shannon O’Connor
Coral Headband: Caitlin Crimmins Designs


 photo polish_039logowebsize_zps03f0751a.jpg
 photo polish_100logowebsize_zps77d421dd.jpg
 photo polish_106websize_zps0b7c58f3.jpg
 photo polish_120logowebsize_zps76ab0de4.jpg
 photo polish_144logowebsize_zpsb1da1be2.jpg
 photo polish_204logowebsize_zpsde489678.jpg
 photo polish_252logowebsize_zpsd02a8ea6.jpg
 photo polish_257logowebsize_zps60f8a56e.jpg
 photo polish_260logowebsize_zpsf026f8b2.jpg
 photo polish_274logowebsize_zps988bb0d4.jpg
 photo polish_299logowebsize_zps0e9b2d86.jpg


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