Lawson & Marie Wedding

I was so lucky to shoot the wedding of Lawson and Marie back in November of last year.
Lawson is an old friend from when I went local shows when I was a youngin!
And Marie was the most gorgeous bride and the sweetest lady ever!

 photo marieamplawson19_zpsed11db82.jpg

 photo marieamplawson73_zpsc86f0f1b.jpg

 photo marieamplawson114_zpsa771de91.jpg

 photo marieamplawson143_zps94734700.jpg

 photo marieamplawson179_zpsbd04672c.jpg

 photo marieamplawson201_zpsc38291b9.jpg

 photo marieamplawson558_zps06bcd3e6.jpg

 photo marieamplawson900_zpsdd1be8fc.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1151_zpscd6c5b6c.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1267_zps51cc4fbb.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1378_zpsba6da128.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1386_zps506b21da.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1573_zpsfff92399.jpg

 photo marieamplawson1668_zps2344252e.jpg


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