Violet Black Poolside

These images were shot in April, but haven’t been released because they were recently published!

There’s a two page spread from this shoot in Issue Three of Tassel Twirl Magazine!
I highly recommend you order a copy, they are FOR SURE one of the best ones out there.
There’s *so many* pinup mags nowadays that I can’t keep up and unfortunately a lot of them are thrown together without much care, they just want to put whatever photos in it and get the girls that are “published” to buy a copy. There’s not a lot of curating or very high standards. It’s not like that over at Tassel Twirl, they print only high quality, well done images. And that’s why I am so proud to have been in all three of the issues they’ve done so far!

Model and MUAH: Violet Black

Playsuit: Miss Lizzy D Creations

Swimsuit: Fables by Barrie

Pink Hair Flower: Niccoco Creations

Red Hair bow: Project Pinup

Red, White and Blue Hair flower: Rebel Hair Wear

 photo vb39ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairFlowerbyNiccocoCreationsandsuitbyLizzyDCreations_zps177086fc.jpg
 photo vb113ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps520bdeb1.jpg
 photo vb154ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zpsabe30ef9.jpg
 photo vb208ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps13b6d2e2.jpg
 photo vb222ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zpsd535bf9a.jpg
 photo vb123ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zpsca8bbc04.jpg
 photo vb252ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairbowbyProjectPinupandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps56ef766f.jpg
 photo vb262ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairflowerbyRebelHairWareandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps5122a012.jpg
 photo vb274ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairflowerbyRebelHairWareandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zps47163e1b.jpg
 photo vb308ModelandMUAH-VioletBlackHairflowerbyRebelHairWareandSuitbyFablesbyBarrie_zpse796aaf5.jpg

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