Murder Mystery at Crescent Ballroom with Don’t Blink Burlesque

I was so lucky to get to shoot a live burlesque show the other night!
I’ve done shoots with a few burlesque babes, but this was my first time shooting a live show!

Thanks for having me Don’t Blink Burlesque!

For the whole set click HERE!

 photo 10553593_10103948957504401_7942537668394960617_n_zps80211716.jpg

 photo 10394540_10103948936242011_8703716721557505145_n_zps2c8a830e.jpg

 photo 10300317_10103948937649191_9159996289645041880_n_zps44663ee1.jpg

 photo 68413_10103948937748991_1301921663429509799_n_zpsbaf42ccf.jpg

 photo 10401441_10103948938981521_6377632222778185653_n_zpsdcaf17e5.jpg

 photo 10420016_10103948941396681_1749904674048501973_n_zps1dd7dff3.jpg

 photo 10570281_10103948940648181_5641750641886473546_n_zpsc282d9d7.jpg

 photo 10574235_10103948940797881_7330571086658272914_n_zpsab07de72.jpg

 photo 10516658_10103948943302861_1430676194987899339_n_zpsca116f51.jpg

 photo 1512799_10103948944535391_2519630705682289157_n_zps8b8ebff9.jpg

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