Brandy aka Dani Delectable

Model: Brandy aka Dani Delectable
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie

 photo brandy5logo_zps4e21d53b.jpg

 photo brandy20logo_zps035b5809.jpg

 photo brandy43logo_zps2c66ec33.jpg

 photo brandy100logo_zps4ada4204.jpg

 photo brandy112logo_zpsfa1373d2.jpg

 photo brandy118logo_zpsf5212ffd.jpg

 photo brandy129bwlogo_zps9f8f4e91.jpg

 photo brandy149logo_zpsfc83fb39.jpg

 photo brandy157logo_zps7f2be709.jpg

 photo brandy162logo_zpsc5fe728c.jpg

 photo brandy165logo_zps106fa988.jpg

 photo brandy168logo_zps88cb4f2f.jpg

 photo brandy176logo_zpsc4801b93.jpg

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