Violet and Stevie in Cinched Tight

Models and MUAH: Stevie Rosalie and Violet Black
Latex and Corset: Cinched Tight
Hair Bows: Kustom Voodoo

 photo stevie02logo_zpsa6a1f5a0.jpg

 photo stevie03logo_zps367a09d9.jpg

 photo black01logo_zps4c26df65.jpg

 photo black02logo_zpsb504b755.jpg

 photo black03logo_zps529d1d2c.jpg

 photo black04logo_zpse5c97a8b.jpg

 photo black05logo_zpsd5665f58.jpg

 photo blue01logo_zps44d25bde.jpg

 photo blue02logo_zpsb5827478.jpg

 photo blue03logo_zpsfb66ffe6.jpg

 photo blue04logo_zps4ca1a8a5.jpg

 photo blue05logo_zps7be8af91.jpg

 photo blue06logo_zpseb9d10b6.jpg


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