Stephanie Posey at Antique Sugar

I had so much fun two weekends ago shooting the gorgeous Miss Stephanie at Antique Sugar downtown!
If you live in Phoenix or visit, I highly suggest checking out this amazing vintage clothing store.
Not only is the clothing amazing, the ladies that run the store are the biggest sweethearts you might ever meet!

Model: Stephanie Posey
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie
Dresses: Pinup Girl Clothing and Heart of Haute

 photo stephanie6logo_zps254bdf6b.jpg

 photo stephanie13logo_zps20e26d72.jpg

 photo stephanie58logo_zpse742e424.jpg

 photo stephanie65logo_zpsde88e124.jpg

 photo stephanie88logo_zps60d27f6c.jpg

 photo stephanie99logo_zps1f5ccf34.jpg

 photo stephanie108logo_zpsa926447c.jpg

 photo stephanie145logo_zpsabd9d8a8.jpg

 photo stephanie180logo_zps61ee0267.jpg

 photo stephanie201logo_zpsebe362be.jpg


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