Valerie Vixann!

I had so much fun shooting with Valerie!
She did the Jungle Bettie shoot and also did a super cute french maid outfit as well!
She was way too amazing and I had a great time with her and I get to shoot her again this weekend!

MUAH: Stevie Rosalie

 photo valerie3logo_zpsbc9d3ca0.jpg

 photo valerie17logo_zpsb773b9f7.jpg

 photo valerie27logo_zpsfe15b71c.jpg

 photo valerie55logo_zps665a2598.jpg

 photo valerie68logo_zpscfd0412b.jpg

 photo valerie74logo_zps5a823e8d.jpg

 photo valerie89logo_zps6f82c620.jpg

 photo valerie120logo_zpsb67070d5.jpg

 photo valerie165logo_zpse2095006.jpg

 photo valerie187logo_zps716f28c6.jpg

 photo valerie211logo_zps3e3b03e0.jpg

 photo valerie228logo_zps65120d35.jpg


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