Jennifer Lucas

Jennifer has such a cute idea to do a more elegant, sophisticated cat shoot instead of it being extra “cutesty”.
I hadn’t ever done a pinup cat shoot and I love how it turned out! And she also took part of the Jungle Bettie theme shoot that day!

Model: Jennifer Lucas
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie

 photo jen9logo_zps6a1378ca.jpg

 photo jen33logo_zpsbbfbda33.jpg

 photo jen49logo_zps7f9df0b5.jpg

 photo jen81logo_zps8119e0f9.jpg

 photo jen84logo_zps280fb7f6.jpg

 photo jen86logo_zpsc88614b8.jpg

 photo jen103logo_zpsdfe9b3c8.jpg

 photo jen130logo_zps3314af5a.jpg

 photo jen138logo_zps58a331c3.jpg

 photo jen147logo_zpsa8e06fc4.jpg

 photo jen160logo_zpsad85a8be.jpg

 photo jen178logo_zpsdb5332e6.jpg

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