Bethany Shehorn on a train car!

When me and Bethany were emailing about this shoot, she said she wanted to do something different…
She loves doing pinup but felt like switching it up a bit- *ding ding*- exactly how I was feeling!
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pinup (duh!) but it’s so nice to do something different once in a while.

So when we got to the train tracks to shoot, there was a train car… just… sitting…. there… EEEEEP!
We were both so excited and even though we had some guys come by two or three times in a truck to see what we were doing, it was so much fun!
And I am so excited about the awesome photos we got!

Model, hair and makeup is Bethany Shehorn!

 photo bethany232logo_zps9011939d.jpg

 photo bethany307logo_zpsdbd50db3.jpg

 photo bethany324logo_zps44ab5a11.jpg

 photo bethany329logo_zps4159b92f.jpg

 photo bethany399logo_zps0888c4fa.jpg

 photo bethany420logo_zps9ad7e971.jpg


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