Grease Slingers March 1st

I was so lucky to shoot at Grease Slingers again!
We had so much fun last time, and already have another day booked in April!
I hope to make it a monthly event! ❤

All girls MUAH by Stevie Rosalie!

 photo susan57logo_zps2cca7818.jpg

 photo susan60logo_zps6ac95c59.jpg

 photo susan91logo_zpse55434c0.jpg

 photo crystal30logo_zps18435322.jpg

 photo crystal209logo_zps6957fafe.jpg

 photo crystal251logo_zps6133a997.jpg

 photo april40logo_zpsa9c275c9.jpg

 photo april67logo_zps4eb05964.jpg

 photo april84logo_zps4c5a65b1.jpg

 photo april114logo_zps17a70a5e.jpg

 photo aliscia80logo_zps00812abc.jpg

 photo aliscia248logo_zps603a80fa.jpg

 photo aliscia264logo_zps1aa79334.jpg


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