Kiki Royale Photo Shoot

I’ve been LOVING!!!! shooting with the local Phoenix burlesque babes, these girls know how to pose!
Their facial expressions are to die for- and best of all, the best personalities!

Model: Kiki Royale
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie

 photo kiki3logo_zps4d86336c.jpg

 photo kiki12logo_zpsc149b7cb.jpg

 photo kiki30logo_zps12525da5.jpg

 photo kiki34logo_zps785c7ee6.jpg

 photo kiki59logo_zps124faa64.jpg

 photo kiki94logo_zps7ded5590.jpg

 photo kiki122logo_zpsaccde633.jpg

 photo kiki125logo_zps7f3d6192.jpg

 photo kiki146logo_zps3bc2ddfd.jpg

 photo kiki195logo_zps8a4b3905.jpg

 photo kiki197logo_zpsdfa698cb.jpg

 photo kiki213logo_zpsc546b2c4.jpg

 photo kiki241logo_zps33552207.jpg


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