Me and baby Ethan- he just turned one!

Reading: I just finished reading “Full Frontal Feminism” and I recommend it to ANYONE AND EVERYONE!

Eating: Well, I am at the moment drinking a cocktail… Cranberry juice and blue UV vodka *yum*. But lately I’ve been on a Mexican food kick… oh wait… I’m always on a Mexican food kick!

Thinking about: How I need to spend less time on the internet…right now… not doing that. I need to really stick to a time I get off the computer every night. But there’s always work to be done, or a blog to read, or Facebook feed to look at.

Listening: I’ve been loving my Murder City Devils station on Pandora. But I just bought the vinyl of the new Lawrence Arms album and got the digital download. I can’t wait to listen to it tomorrow.

Watching: We are re-watching My Name is Earl. Please for the love of it all, add some new shows Netflix!

Loving: Having our good friend Gypsy visiting for two weeks. She was a stray we took in and fostered. Mike’s boss and girlfriend took her in and they love her to death. They are on vacation so Gypsy is playing and sleeping over with us!

The idea for this post was taken from Miss Danielle of Sometimes Sweet!


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