Grease Slingers Feb Photo Shoot

When Cliff from Grease Slingers sent me a message on facebook saying I could photograph some girls at his motorcycle shop if I wanted to I was estatic!
I’ve had so many cases where I would try to set up something at a shop or with someone with a hot rod and it was always just “yeah that’d be great” and no follow through.
So when I got offered this on a silver platter I snatched it up- and am SO SO SO HAPPY that I did.

When I got there there morning of the shoot, Cliff’s gorgeous wife, Alexie was so welcoming and even had donuts for us.
Then I found out the fridge was full of drinks and beer and I figured I must be dreaming.
These two went way out of their way to accommodate me, Stevie, and all the girls I shot with.
I appreciate so much when people are so supportive and rad, it’s such a great feeling to work with awesome people.

As a thank you, I shot Alexie first thing that morning and she was so much fun!
Then I had four more ladies staggered throughout the day, each one just as awesome and excited/nervous as the last.

The resulting photos are way too much fucking fun and the best part?! I get to do it all again in less than 2 weeks!
Aaaaaaaand, we are planning another round on April 27th :]

All models MUAH: Stevie Rosalie

Alexie Rae Noble
 photo alexie15logo_zps0a6659c4.jpg

 photo alexie52logo_zpsad357a7c.jpg

 photo alexie78logo_zpsed548932.jpg

 photo alexie137logo_zps97fa75a2.jpg

Jen Traylor
 photo jen20logo_zpsd5f7cc4a.jpg

 photo jen69logo_zpsdc9145f2.jpg

 photo jen90logo_zps461763b6.jpg

 photo jen132logo_zps675a2424.jpg

Amanda Ence
 photo amanda22logo_zps08064a72.jpg

 photo amanda64logo_zps4f5e538e.jpg

 photo amanda68logo_zps51355f44.jpg

 photo amanda116logo_zps72699301.jpg

 photo amanda176logo_zps1baca9fb.jpg

Meg Olsen
 photo megan23logo_zpsa599d07a.jpg

 photo megan55logo_zps46c06dca.jpg

 photo megan104logo_zps7f7adc13.jpg

 photo megan156logo_zps0549ebfa.jpg

Victoria Trasher
 photo victoria19logo_zps644032af.jpg

 photo victoria56logo_zpsa270d2e8.jpg

 photo victoria72logo_zps83be9406.jpg

 photo victoria182logo_zps665adef0.jpg

 photo victoria199logo_zps2e18bde7.jpg


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