Cars, Kulture and Chaos 2 with Tara O. Photos

So I narrowed the photos down, and then I narrowed them down again. And now again.
And still… probably too many for my blog.

I had SO MUCH fun at the Cars Kulture and Chaos show. It was ridiculous.
So many adorable ladies, pretty cars and awesome bands.
It took me a while to dig through all the photos, make the edits and get everything in order and posted.

I feel so blessed to be involved in such an amazing scene and subculture and so thoroughly dumbfounded that I get to make money doing what I love.

If you wanna see the full set, check out my facebook album!

 photo scarlett16logo_zpse434470f.jpg

 photo scarlett95logo_zps8b402a5a.jpg

 photo ckc2167_zps04fa30ac.jpg

 photo ckc2237_zps9d168e4a.jpg

 photo ckc2248_zps78cbce11.jpg

 photo mona59logo_zps9281863f.jpg

 photo ckc2343_zps6d510460.jpg

 photo ckc2355_zps977c0b6d.jpg

 photo ckc2368_zps7ab6753b.jpg

 photo ckc2434_zps2af7ee65.jpg

 photo ckc2468_zps7d398a5a.jpg

 photo ckc2633_zps59d1bdf4.jpg

 photo ckc2663_zps089535c3.jpg

 photo jasmine5logo_zps91653c1b.jpg

 photo ckc2685_zpsa019e23e.jpg

 photo ckc2732_zps15829b1f.jpg

 photo jessica33logo_zpsc7055fbf.jpg

 photo stella16logo_zpsca208247.jpg

 photo mia6logo_zpsbaeb878e.jpg

 photo ckc21171_zps5423be47.jpg

 photo ckc21179_zps274f3e11.jpg

 photo violet34logo_zps0ab18eb2.jpg

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