Lovely Links 2014 Vol. 1

Being gluten free and eating healthy sucks some days. All I can think about is pizza tonight!

Interesting article about women being more prone to clean the home then men…

Manifesto for the self-employed.

I want to go to there…an apartment in Paris that has been untouched for decades!

Such a gorgeous elopement! I wanna do it!

Blog post from Johnny Kerr Photography with an image he took of me!

Photographer uses images from Facebook of young girls to make collages.

Lovely dreamy images a mother took of her children on a farm.

I wish so bad I could go to Disneyland’s Dapper Day!

Lingerie ads with no retouching– woo hoo!

Amazing photo series : NSFW Photographer and her boyfriend , Barbie gives birthOld people re-enact famous movie scenes

Buzzfeed is so much fun- Curvy Girls…

I would totally live in the Mansfield Mansion. It’s perfectly kitschy.

Feminist Tumblr photographs. Interested?

Is Beyonce a feminist? This article says no, pretty sure I agree…


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