Dottie May Duitt

Model: Crystal Vegh aka Dottie May Duitt
MUAH: Lauren Franz-Maurer

I had a freaking ball shooting this lovely lady! She was such a pro at posing because she has experience with burlesque dancing!

 photo crystal25logo_zps51bafb16.jpg

 photo crystal60logo_zps91c8890c.jpg

 photo crystal78logo_zpsbb5ef0b8.jpg

 photo crystal112logo_zps7fc947ca.jpg

 photo crystal148logo_zps7af6eed8.jpg

 photo crystal174logo_zps7172a728.jpg

 photo crystal184logo_zpse027d824.jpg

 photo crystal194logo_zps5472f059.jpg

 photo crystal201logo_zps7bf45a61.jpg

 photo crystal224logo_zpsfeb9f112.jpg

 photo crystal232logo_zpsfecf1e58.jpg

 photo crystal253logo_zps5e1e5b77.jpg

 photo crystal289logo_zps23f1c14e.jpg

 photo crystal328logo_zps1a2bfd8f.jpg


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