Family Visit and New Year’s Eve

Two days after Christmas my Aunt Susie, Uncle Matt and my two cousins- Pace and Eden, came from California to visit!
It’s always so great to see them, it doesn’t happen often enough. I love being around family.

Then a few days later we celebrated New Year’s Eve with Mike’s family and came home right before midnight.
I was promptly in bed at 12:30 and fell asleep quick- I am too old to party late, I only had one cocktail.

 photo newyears003_zpsaddcf2c9.jpg

 photo newyears004_zps1f8dfb38.jpg

 photo newyears012_zps55fdb3d1.jpg

 photo newyears018_zpsdcba8a55.jpg

 photo newyears019_zps05bce30e.jpg

 photo newyears020cropped_zpsd4cd30e3.jpg

 photo newyears021_zps0e88eca7.jpg

 photo newyears022_zpsab7ca9d1.jpg

 photo newyears024_zpse5676b0d.jpg

 photo newyears025_zpsc4b412c9.jpg

 photo newyears027_zps200ed3e5.jpg

 photo newyears029_zps0bbc7940.jpg

 photo newyears031_zpsf4c25856.jpg

 photo newyears035_zpsc994fbdd.jpg


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