Christmas 2013

Sooooo I had an amazing Christmas… in case the photos don’t prove that!

I found myself checking emails and doing a small amount of  work on Christmas morning… and thought how strange that it was so normal and so engrained part of my day that I didn’t even notice at first. I also love my job so much I didn’t even mind! I am so blessed!

My dad got me some amazing lighting equipment and I am so excited and so lucky it’s not even funny!

Hope you had a killer day as well and got some goodies!

 photo christmas020_zps98191a32.jpg

 photo christmas029_zpsd36cfc23.jpg

 photo christmas035_zps8b51f360.jpg

 photo christmas037_zps9eef9b8f.jpg

 photo christmas049_zps9f61accc.jpg

 photo christmas064_zpsa1acf990.jpg

 photo christmas068_zps8a142018.jpg

 photo christmas069_zpsbcd7afd5.jpg

 photo christmas080_zps9b367ac7.jpg

 photo christmas083_zps65be072f.jpg

 photo christmas088_zps79b2df36.jpg

 photo christmas095_zps4237df5b.jpg

 photo christmas100_zpsd59d92a1.jpg

 photo christmas104_zpse2f1f160.jpg

 photo christmas107_zpsf03a949e.jpg

 photo christmas109_zpsbdff032b.jpg

 photo christmas117cropped_zpsb4be7214.jpg

 photo christmas130_zpsfc8df26f.jpg

 photo christmas144_zpsa3cec626.jpg

 photo christmas147_zps3b86d42a.jpg

 photo christmas152_zps27ad8d23.jpg

 photo christmas154_zps85954882.jpg

 photo christmas163_zps70048044.jpg

 photo christmas178_zps2a075bb4.jpg

 photo christmas186_zps9331f26d.jpg

 photo christmas189_zpsb7b0ce23.jpg

 photo christmas198cropped_zpscd62e2e8.jpg

 photo christmas208_zpscbeed8ad.jpg

 photo christmas224_zpsa68433a9.jpg

 photo christmas226_zps1703dd94.jpg

 photo christmas227_zps013847be.jpg

 photo christmas230_zpsb3e1471b.jpg

 photo christmas237_zps86ea0463.jpg

 photo christmas239_zpsbbf4ea68.jpg


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