Shannon and Sydne

I felt beyond lucky to have gotten to shoot Shannon (model name: Marika Darling) and her gorgeous daughter, Sydne.
It was a really kind of magical day- full of giggles, baby pinup faces, tamales, hair and makeup pampering and coloring crayons.
I think anyone who loves pinup style and has a daughter, should book a shoot like this.
Shannon’s email to me made me teary eyed, telling me how invaluable a bonding experience it was, and how happy she was to have documentation of them together at this time in their lives.

I feel so blessed to have such a rad career.
It might seem like taking pretty pinup photos is shallow, or vain or silly. IT’S NOT. IT’S MUCH MORE.
It’s helping people create memories, feel beautiful, feel strong and powerful.
I hope one day an 80 year old woman pulls a photo out that I took of her and it makes her feel youthful and energetic and beautiful.
I strive to make my images classic, tasteful (or naughty if you wish, though still tasteful!), fun, exciting, and a full experience.

MUAH for both: Stevie Rosalie

 photo hamilton30logo_zps91d988d2.jpg

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 photo hamilton559_zps9ed1ba0a.jpg


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